“The way I see it, Heaven is inside you, and you connect with it through your craft.” – Kyle Gray


The calm, baritone voice of today’s guest reminds you of an old wise sage.  

But this young, trailblazing Ute was recently named the Top 30 entrepreneurs under 30 years of age in the category of “creating life on their own terms.” 

As a musician, writer, world traveler, educator, and entrepreneur, Kyle Gray has morphed into a professional functional artist, always creating something new and valuable.

He turns his passions into profit only so that he can continue to do more of what loves to do; To create and connect with his community.  The triple C’s.

His business or I should say lifestyle, is Kyle’s craft and while in it, he finds his true spirituality.

“The way I see it, Heaven is inside you, and you connect with it through your craft.”

From his youthful days of traveling around the world with his guitar and thinking that life’s true fulfillment can only come from being like Mark Wahlberg in the movie Rockstar, and to moving to Medellin, Colombia, “the City of Eternal Spring” where he sprung an Amazon best-selling book, The College Entrepreneur, Kyle sermonizes that your brand is the story you are remembered for and how you shared those gifts

While most people are getting busy prepping their most outlandish costumes in the spirit of Halloween, Kyle shares his spirit of bringing heaven on earth from within. 

Here are some Key Takeaways for you to explore and implement in your life today:

  • [13:06] How you are able to bring heaven to the earth by sharing your craft. 
  • [15:35] How to reflect on your past jobs, projects, and tying them all into creating a new mission for yourself.
  • [18:20] How your failures and living with the “I don’t know what I’m doing,” counter-intuitive approach can enhance your story telling and create interesting interactions with others.
  • [22:45] Kyle shares what he teaches his entrepreneurial “Mastermind” students at the University of Utah; the value of integrity and keeping your word.
  • [33:00] How to take your goals and dreams from the clouds and take it down to the streets where you’ll produce true results. 
  • [35:50] Kyle discloses who his favorite band is and why the frontman exemplifies someone who finds spirituality in his craft.

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